Monday, September 27, 2010

to whom it may concern

you are an 17 person :) , i like to listen when ur 6 :) i think its 9 and 21.

u are 5 just the way you are. u can be 19 sometimes but its ok.

i hate 13 all the time. i cant help i tho.

oh ya , ur hair is 18!

and to tell you the truth, 12 :) a lot. 22.

Friday, July 23, 2010


time pass by , it's like you don't realize it.
it's like how you feel the wind blowing..
u feel it.. u know it's the wind.
but you don't pay much attention to it.

sometimes we or maybe i take for granted a lot of things in life.
and a lot of it has something to do with the time.

some things i should have done or said at the time, i didn't.
i convinced myself there's always another time to do it.
but it's always too late. or i lose interest.

i don't know why it's happening..
but maybe that's just me.
i like keeping stuff close to myself.
i'm always afraid what's gonna happen if i say what i want to say.

i've tried to be more outspoken about some stuff..
and i guess it turn out good.
but i'm not comfortable with it.
why? i don't know. that's just me.

there's so many things i can be extrovert about
but there's even more i would rather keep quiet about.

but here's the thing.
i'll tell you what i think or feel.
but not until u ask.
so what does all that end up to?


Thursday, November 12, 2009

back from the dead

it's been forever since i posted anything here.

nothing to say.
nothing interesting to share.
on my last few post i shared with u some pics when i was in college.

the last few months at least.

now i'm done with that.
finished my last semester in september.(lame gilo dah)

now it's already November!
time flies by so fast like the rain is falling cats and dogs!

2 and a half years spent to get a piece of paper that will be hanged on the wall to collect dust for the rest of it's life.

not very interesting isn't it.

but my at least i can cross something out of my wishlist.
i got 4.0 GPA on my last semester at college!
even though the last semester had only two subjects.
it still counts!

after everything is said and done.
i've enjoyed my 2 and a half years at college.
it was fun and interesting.
i know all those late nights studying for xms and packed assignments don't appeal to most people. even for me. but it's the things in between them that counts.

new friends,new experiences,new environment.
maybe that's why u have to read between the lines.
to find the true purpose of moving forward in life.
why is learning so important?
i got one excuse for u.

so that u don't have to work!
hahahah ..

so that's why i am looking forward to continuing my studies soon.
dunno where or what yet tho.
any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

fuze pitcrew shirt

just nak guna link gambar dia..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Who wears it better?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

here's a website for u all to play to pass up the time..

lagi2 time cuti ni kan...

game ni agak layan.. tapi satu account dapat main 6 fight je buat la skill aku..

aku buat skali 20 account... so ...agak2 da sampai acc ke 20 tu..hati da puas ahhh..

tapi korang join la aku punya iaitu ---------->

ajak kawan2 korang main skali ...
lagi ramai bawah korang..
lagi cepat la naik point.

Friday, April 17, 2009

April Fool's marathon

ATTN:Very very long post

well ... consider the name of this post..u all might think that this is a lame joke story..

well it's not... it is actually a much more tiring and energy-sucking endeavor.

for the last 2-3 weeks of my life .

i had to complete a project which cost me most of my beauty sleep..

kalau nak ikotkan..perjuangan my group untuk settlekan projek ni is not very smooth..
my group consists of 4 people... Aizat , Abu , Dzul , and me.

normally each group only 3 orang...
but memandang our class roster terlebih satu our group has 4.

much to our liking...some other people think that our group needs more work coz it's 4 people than 3..

well ye la... 4 heads better than 3...but not that much difference la kan.

So...kitorang pon buat la projek kita ni..

nak dijadikan cerita...
kitorang nye projek memang la susah ... on the chapter 1 proposal alone.... our project da 5 kali kene reject..
thanks to the fussy-ness of our lecturer... which later on proved to be worthwhile.

so fast forward sket to about 4-5 days before our big presentation...

semua orang tgh kelam kabot nak siapkan project punya slide and report..
our group pon sama... macam da takde cuti dah..
isnin sampai ahad tersadai kat kolej tu buat keje..

sampai one day ..
we promised to settle our work that day jugak...
sebab da tak larat nak buat ..
so the 4 of us pon pergi la kolej...
buat keje semua..
kat library ... tak sempat siap...
then buat kat MPP lak..
still tak dapat siapkan...

pastu perot da start main drum dah..

then we decided to go have a bite to eat..with farhey..

we ate at this pl ace called selera semarak..
it's a food court actually...
quite near our college..
the food's ok...
kitorang pon order la makan..
hari tu plak plan nak makan besar..
hmm nah... ambik...order sotong tepong, telur bungkus 2 , ayam halia , sayo kailan , tomyam ayam..
abis lauk semua sampai meja tak muat nak accomodate..hehe...makan cam tak igt du nia..

well ... makan punya makan... last2 semua RM50..puas hati gak ah makan..
aizat pulak leh lak ajak makan seraun lagi..
pale hotak dia..
perot yahudi btol..

well after all that....we decided to continue our work kat umah Dzul...
sampai2 je..semuorang pon penat..
buat je la keje dalam keadaan mengantok..
after a while the sleepiness claimed it's first victim..Aizat... yang da terbongkang kat tilam bawah tu.

CEH!!!!! saje je...tak tido pon...

just take 5 ... lame sangat ngadap laptop..
boring nak mampos..

keje keje punya keje..
last2 aku lak yang ngantuk...
timaseh ah mu.....pi ambik gambar aku terbongkang..

haha...tak tido pon lagi..
still the anxiety of trying to complete our work that day still kept us going.

but to our dismissal..
we didnt get to finish it.. and it was already 4 in the morning

so we decided to sambung the next Mu's(Dzul) house....
tapi malam ni different skit..masing2 memang da lemau habis dah

aizat has shown signs o fthe common flu..and dozed off after a few hours...while Abu , Mu and i ... tried to finish it.

then finally we did..
thank god..

the next couple of days before the presentation was just a lil rehearsing and we all decided on the eve of the crash at my place so we could go to college together...great idea..
the only thing was a spontaneous idea so we had to go to masing2 punya rumah to pick up our outfits for tomorrw...
sedar2 after all dat..sampai rumah kol 4 lebih in the morning..
i decided not to sleep and the others tried the same.

at about 6.30 am ... i went to go have a shower .. after that i woke abu up and told him its time to mandi..
i didnt know abu ni mandi lambat... dia punya mandi makan dekat 30 minit..
pastu kejot lak Mu ngan aizat...
aizat senang je nak kejot..
Mu ni satu hal ... tido tak ingat dunia.. kejot je..bukak mata..lelap balik...
angin lak aku bila naik atas Abu tak settle mandi lagi.... ntah apa dia buat...aizat ngan Mu da bangun...but still tak mandi2 lagi..
so suro MU mandi kat blik izzat... and aizat had to wait for abu to settle..
Abu ni plak satu hal..
pintu bilik air aku tak reti nak kunci..
orang masuk blik aku je...
pintu blik air terbukak..
timaseh la..
apo kono jang ni..

aizat plak da hangin da tunggu si abu ni...dia pon da malas nak tunggu, last2 dia g bantai mandi dalam bilik air aku sambil2 abu tgh shave..

"Ko nak tgk, tgk la Bu aku da tak larat nak tunggu kau...aku nak mandi"


macam2 la jadi..
lepas semua da siap ..
kitorang pon push off...naik kereta aku....7.40 baru keluar umah

on d way plak traffic jam..
semuorang da bntai tido dah..
timaseh ..

sampai2 kolej kul 8.30-8.45 naseb baek sempat..
the presentation started kol 9 am...
after some briefing from the panel..
the presentation started.
FYI .. our group was group 9 ..
and we were the last group to present..
imagine the anxiety!!

after a couple of groups da present..aku pon tak larat..last2 tertido kat situ...terlepas gak ah 1-2 group .. penat sangat..
then, to our horror ...time group 7 tgh present... En. Morgan tersayang kita pulak masuk..
adoiyai .. group Abe ngan Jamal memang time tu kena question teruk ngan dia..
all the groups kantoi part questionnaire... the worst one was Jamal's ...poor guy .. his group pon ade 4 orang...tapi 2 orang je yang buat keje..yang lain .. the 2 girls... lenggang kaki je...

lepas group 8 present..ngam2 plak ..en. morgan keluar..
wuhuuu...punya la lega hati kitorang time tu...
terlepas dari kritikan en. morgan kita..
farhey bengang je tak dapat tgk morgan hentam kitorang.. was our turn...
moment of truth..
presentation time...

everything went ok..
except we had to do a bit of changes to our scope and stuff..
but it was all good..
Mu yang start dlu presentation tu..dia punya starting paling cun ah .. sebab kitorang set up dia punya presentation paling lama..
pastu abu ... yang kalau bab nak explain2 ni dia terrer...
pastu aizat... bab questionnaire.. kitorang ada buat script presentation tuk dia...
tpai last2.. dia pon pening tgk script tu... dia pon baca je apa yang ada kat depan dia..
tapii...ok la..takda hal pon... daia dapat la cakap dgn elok...
and last but not was my turn..
i was nervous as hell...
and stuttered a lil bit...
but it went ok i guess..
and that was it..
after a few comments...our presentation was over..

all of us.. the whole batch..felt like a ton of weight was lifted up off
our shoulders... it was so much weight... that i kinda floated up in air a bit.

so that's it..
my april fool marathon..
not what u think i g uess.. was one hell of a ride..